The beauty of life cannot be adjudged with a piece of clothing; For Ceyben, fashion is a way of exposing the beauty and ultimately let the world see you the way you "c life".

Ceyben fashion also wants to convey not just design clothing but also powerful messages that make you think & be aware of our environment or sometimes to transform our lifestyles as well as others around us. “Be Wild about The Wild” is one of the starting materials where we inspire our society to appreciate the wild life but not to kill or disturb their natural habitats. For instance, in recent years, elephant population has been dramatically reduced due to human poaching such as tusk hunting in Sri Lanka. “Be Wild about The Wild” is a collection that plans to open a dialog which could encourage the society to build a resilient awareness towards wildlife for the symbolic significance of “c life” of wildlife not just as wild as the word “wild” but rather a part of our humanity.