The woodcarving industry in Sri Lanka has a history that dates back thousands of years. Ceyben wood carvings have been intricately handcrafted by several generations of carpenters. Each generation has inherited unique carving techniques from their predecessors. Our collection ranges from small items, such as jewelry boxes or miniature sculptures, to larger items such as dining tables and life size statues. These items are sculpted from seasoned wood such as Mahogany, Albizzia Lebbeck, and Pericopsis Mooniana. We are determined to deliver the finest finished product to enhance your home or business space.


The woodcarving industry has evolved throughout the years. Most of the carving masters still use traditional tools and old techniques to create their works of art. There are various types of tools that are required to remove the wood from raw pieces, create lines and ultimately shape the carved object to produce a finished product. The tools used include chisels, gouges, wood rasp drawknifes, carving blades, hammers and sanding tools are also used.


Even having the best tools or the finest wood cannot create an artistic woodcarving. It also needs the mind of a master who is able to keep his hands steady with the power and vibration of every hit from a hammer; only then can the true product be achieved. Mr.Kamal is one of many master carpenters who works with us to deliver these amazing carvings.