Batik is an ancient art technique that has been practiced for thousands of years to create artistic fabrics. Sri Lanka is known for its cultural designs of high quality and colorful handcrafted batiks, ranging from beach dresses to beautiful wall hangings. Batik often reflects the creative expression of an artist based on their individual experiences and cultural backgrounds.

Fabrics & Drawing

Cotton, linen and silk, are the most common materials use for batik designs. Often artists use freestyle hands to draw the sketches in the fabrics.

Batiking process

Melted Wax is applied to prevent dye from penetrating the selected sections on the fabric. (A technique repeated to apply different color combination to the Batik design.). Tjantings and Brush are widely used as tools to apply wax to the fabric. Let the fabric dry for couple of days and wash the piece of fabric in hot water with detergent to remove the wax residue.